When We Ask…

About 17 years ago I had changed jobs, moved to a new state and my career was taking off in the movie theatre business.  At the same time I was moving into a new season with hearing from the Lord God.

I had always been one to ask Him simple questions out loud as I always expected an answer.  But the answers were beginning to come in a new way.  I found myself writing more than I had in the past.

I was in San Antonio driving back from a training meeting with theatre managers.  I suddenly thought of the pillar of cloud and pillar of fire that led the Israelites as they left pillar of cloud-fire (Small)Egypt.  What prompted that thought?  It had to be the Lord.   My question?  Was it two pillars or one that changed?  So, I asked the Lord- out loud:

“So, God, was it one pillar or two separate ones?  Let me know.”

Then I continued driving.  When I entered my apartment I thought about my question as I settled into my living room.  Suddenly, I had an urgent, I mean URGENT, need to write!  I was running around grabbing paper and a pen.  Then I sat down and wrote as fast as I could.  This is what my hands wrote…


I Gaze in Wonder

All day long the pillar is thick, blue-gray smoke churning, roiling in power.

Reaching to the sky, I cannot see where it ends.

There is no seeing through, unable to know what lies on the other side.


I stand in awe and I gaze in wonder.


Who is our God, this God of Jacob?

Who is this Being,  our Savior from bondage?

He has the earth as His footstool,  all life within His Hand.

We follow His Glory day by day.

We see it manifest night after night.


When I see His Glory, I stand in awe and I gaze in wonder.


As the evening comes, by the edge of the camp

I await the glory of the Lord.

I stand and watch as the cloud moves, and twists in upon itself.

I watch and wait.


There!  It begins!  A spark… no, two, three!

Bits of fire begin to show themselves in the cloud.


It grows as does a forest fire,  burning everything in its path.

It brightens, expands, pushing aside the blue-gray cloud.

With flames leaping, reaching toward the heavens,

the cloud is devoured, showing no more.


I stand in awe, I gaze in wonder,

bathed in the Light of  The Almighty God.


The sun is gone,  darkness has taken over the land.

But here, in the camp of God’s people,  it is as daylight.

No cloud is left, completely consumed,  replaced by a brilliant tower of fire.

Flames leaping, dancing, Celebrating, in honor to the Most High God.


And as I stand in awe, I gaze in wonder.


May I ever be as that pillar of fire, all clouds in my life replaced, consumed.

Basking in the light of the God of all Power;

Full of promise and grace and mercy.


Standing at the edge of the camp, my camp, I delight in the Light in my life.

Seeing God’s power working for me, brightening my path, replacing the darkness;


While I stand in awe and I gaze in wonder.


(If anyone wishes to share this poem you have my permission but please include my name, Susan Heagy, as the writer; HaShem as the Author)

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