King Arthur

Today my daughter and I went to see the movie “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword” that just came out this past weekend.  Fantastic effects, good acting, all around good story.  I enjoyed it.

Throughout the film Arthur had a difficult time accepting his destiny to become King.  He King Arthur (Small)also refused to take up Excalibur, his sword.  Refusing it meant he had no power to use the mantle which he was to wear.

All day after viewing the film I could see parallels to us as people who accept Yeshua, who decide to take up the name of God.  Even though we put on the armor, wear the helmet, talk like a citizen of Heaven and go out to march in God’s Army, we fail to take on the mantle of our position or pick up our weapons.

The DNA of each person is unique, just for them.  Each of us are created with specific talents inherent within our flesh and our spirit, to accomplish our intended work.  You could even say we are each an Original Design.  God made us to DO something in particular.  Not something we choose or decide on, but a special “something” for which God made us.  If we choose our own way it is like using a feather to hammer a nail or a stone to sew clothes.  Clumsy and impossible.

But if we agree to wear the mantle God made for us; put it on, wrap it around us, let our specific purpose become molded to our being, we risk finding peace, contentment and success in what we do.

And if we go one step further and take up our talents and gifts- like Arthur taking up his sword- we are suddenly able to wield our abilities in ways we could not have imagined. For some of us it is at the beginning of our lives while we are young.  For others it is a new season and God will reveal what your new destiny is.  Most likely your talents and gifts are the same, or you find new ones not yet used.  God uses everything in our lives and wastes nothing, even our experiences.

My questions to you are:

What were you created to do?  What talents (tools) has He instilled in you?  When are you going to pick up your Sword and go forward?

I think God would say now is the time.

Expecting big things,


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