Yattir Publishing was born out of the desire to bring the true facts of the Holocaust of WWII to people who do not know. Working through the organization Abundant Hope International http://www.ahi-il.org, Yattir Publishing recognizes the urgency of sharing the experiences of the Survivors of the Holocaust while there is still time.
The word “Yattir” is Hebrew literally translating into “preeminence” or “excellence.” To that end this publishing establishment will seek to bring excellent books and integrity in our service.
Susan Heagy’s first book, “Why is Great-Grandma So Sad? Discovering the Holocaust Through the Eyes of a Child” is the first release through Yattir Publishing.
Yattir Publishing seeks to work in tandem with other publishing sources and authors to produce partnerships that will benefit the Reader.

A Quick Glance

  • Established November 2015
  • Based in San Antonio, TX USA
  • Founder, Susan Heagy
  • Comprised currently of children, youth and adult non-fiction print and Kindle; future expansion into children fiction.
  • Main thrust of Yattir Publishing centers on education of the Holocaust of WWII and the Survivors of that time. Books will be translated as appropriate and whenever possible.
  • Book Reviews will be posted on books and other media outside of the Yattir Publishing stable. Most will relate to the Holocaust and Survivor’s personal experiences; reviews will also include various works outside of this genre.
  • Committed to providing and expanding knowledge and education to a wide number of people, varying in age and culture. To this end Yattir Publishing donates books when feasible to help promote awareness and education.

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