Playing With A Howitzer

Can you imagine?  I have been playing with a Howitzer!  The choice of weapon by the Army and Marines is the M777 155mm 39 caliber  gun weighing less than 10,000 lbs.

This is one big gun.

Imagine, now, letting your child or grandchild play with this gun.  Imagine letting them fire it- or at least try to…

This is exactly what I was doing- trying to fire my Howitzer.  But I was unable to.  I was as ineffective as a child.  Even holding the ammo, you can see, is too heavy.

Did I have an actual, physical, honest-to-goodness Howitzer in my hands?  No.  I have something much bigger with much heavier ammo.  Prayer. Sincere, strong, all-powerful, amazing right-on-target, never miss prayer; access to God the Creator.

Why was I unable to fire my guns?  Observe…

First and foremost, I could not do this alone.  The ammo for my gun was too heavy for me to load it.  I needed someone stronger and more knowledgable to help me prepare my “guns of warfare.”   Without the proper ammo, locked and loaded, what good is our gun?

Without the proper words, connection and knowledge of how to pray, what good is our prayer?

What if the ammo is not good?  What if the mechanism has not been serviced and checked?  Better make sure you are in good working order before you go attempting to shoot your gun.

“…but the prayer of the upright pleases him.” Prov 15:8

Be prepared and set your sights on the goals God gives you. Psalm 15 is a good guide for who we should be.

Next, we cannot do this alone.  Notice the Howitzer is not fired by one soldier alone.  It takes a team and they all support one another. Each has a specific job as a team.  They depend on one another.  They cannot defeat the enemy without one another.

We also should depend on each other in prayer.  Yeshua indicated we should pray together and for one another.  This is not a Lone Ranger deal.

Do we find ourselves praying alone? Yes, of course we do.  But we should have a show of support in others.  It is still teamwork.

But how do we know what to pray?

How does the team firing the Howitzer know where to send their firepower?  They have a scout checking for the enemy and telling them where to aim.

So do we.  The Holy Spirit can give us knowledge and supernatural understanding of how we can be effective and fervent in our prayer.  We can move mountains!

So, what was I doing wrong when I was trying to fire my ” Prayer Howitzer” and not doing so well?

  • I was not depending enough on the Holy Spirit to know where the enemy was and where to direct my prayer.
  • I was not utilizing other prayer warriors enough to make sure we were praying as a team.
  • I was not doing enough maintenance to make sure I am prepared for my own prayer warfare.
  • I was not standing strong enough, refusing to back down.

A good friend explained to me the term “Tip of the Spear” used in the military.  It refers to the unit that is out front as they go into battle positions, clearing the area of the enemy and moving the soldiers forward.  Essentially, the first guys in.

He also indicated I was in the position of “Tip of the Spear” being out front and making the way for those who come to do the real work, bringing love, honor and life to the Holocaust Survivors here in Israel.

I get it.  I understand.  I need to stand strong and pray my way forward.

“…You know it gives me a swell of pride knowing soldiers of your… caliber will be leading the charge tomorrow. Tip of the spear. Edge of the knife.”                                                                                  – quote of Master Sergeant Farell, Edge of Tomorrow

Everyone of us can be of the caliber God needs.  But not everyone is out front.  How does that effect your personal position?  It doesn’t.  God places us in each position because that is where He knows we will perform best.  Out front or support.  Which are you?

Gather your prayer team around you, pray together and pray to win.  Get the enemy’s position, set your sights, and let that ammo go!

“I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.” – Alexander the Great

We are led by the Lion of Judah.  Let’s all be His sheep and win our battles with prayer warfare!   Hoo-ahh!

Looking in God’s Manual for the right ammo,



King Arthur

Today my daughter and I went to see the movie “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword” that just came out this past weekend.  Fantastic effects, good acting, all around good story.  I enjoyed it.

Throughout the film Arthur had a difficult time accepting his destiny to become King.  He King Arthur (Small)also refused to take up Excalibur, his sword.  Refusing it meant he had no power to use the mantle which he was to wear.

All day after viewing the film I could see parallels to us as people who accept Yeshua, who decide to take up the name of God.  Even though we put on the armor, wear the helmet, talk like a citizen of Heaven and go out to march in God’s Army, we fail to take on the mantle of our position or pick up our weapons.

The DNA of each person is unique, just for them.  Each of us are created with specific talents inherent within our flesh and our spirit, to accomplish our intended work.  You could even say we are each an Original Design.  God made us to DO something in particular.  Not something we choose or decide on, but a special “something” for which God made us.  If we choose our own way it is like using a feather to hammer a nail or a stone to sew clothes.  Clumsy and impossible.

But if we agree to wear the mantle God made for us; put it on, wrap it around us, let our specific purpose become molded to our being, we risk finding peace, contentment and success in what we do.

And if we go one step further and take up our talents and gifts- like Arthur taking up his sword- we are suddenly able to wield our abilities in ways we could not have imagined. For some of us it is at the beginning of our lives while we are young.  For others it is a new season and God will reveal what your new destiny is.  Most likely your talents and gifts are the same, or you find new ones not yet used.  God uses everything in our lives and wastes nothing, even our experiences.

My questions to you are:

What were you created to do?  What talents (tools) has He instilled in you?  When are you going to pick up your Sword and go forward?

I think God would say now is the time.

Expecting big things,


Desperation After Euphoria

things go wrong (Small)It seems to happen almost every time.  Really great things happen followed by a crash.

We have all experienced it.  We receive kudos from someone we work with for a job well done or our grown child sends a random “I love you, Mom!”  Possibly we have what I call “God-sightings”- special things just for us like daisies growing right at our porch or an unexpected bonus check pays a bill you just weren’t sure how to cover.  Little and big things add up to that mountain-top experience leaving us exhilerated!

Then we get up the next day- late because we set the alarm for pm instead of am; the washing machine overflows, the breakfast eggs burn; our checking account is overdrawn and the check that bounced is for your mortgage!

Does all this sound familiar?

These are all small irritations in our daily lives that seem huge as they add up.  But what of those who really do have major problems?

A single parent notified their daughter was in a major car accident and died.  She was to graduate the next day…

The young man who goes across the sea to fight for freedom and suffers massive injuries from a hidden bomb.  This Wounded Warrior was coming home the next day to marry…

A child in the Holocaust who has just watched as her mother was beaten to death in a concentration camp and must act like nothing is wrong.   The following week, only seven days later, they are liberated…

“And yet it may happen in these most desperate trials of our human existence that beyond any rational explanation, we may feel a nail-scarred Hand clutching ours.  We are able, as Etty Hillesun, a Dutch Jewess who died in Auschwitz on November 30, 1943, wrote, 

‘to safeguard that little piece of God in ourselves’ and not give way to despair.

We make it through the night and darkness gives way to the light of morning.  The tragedy radically alters the direction of our lives, but in our vulnerability and defenselessness we experience the power of ‘Messiah’…”  – Abba’s Child

Do any of you feel that desperation that comes after a highlight?  I experience it. It always amazes me, catches me off guard sometimes, that I can feel so good over what God is doing and then suddenly find myself depressed.  But there is an antidote.

“Why are you downcast, O my soul?  Why so disturbed within me?  Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise Him, my Savior and my God.” Psalm 42:5

David got it and we need to as well.  Our hope is in our Abba, our Heavenly Father, our Almighty God.

thanking God (Small)Feeling desperate?  Make the decision to start thanking Elohim for the many ways He has blessed you.  It will turn your heart towards Him and bring you Hope, the Only Hope that conquers the darkness.


Looking up to the Lifter of my Head,



traffice in SA (Small)It happened again.

I arrived in San Antonio having driven in from Memphis, TN.  Needing to merge from I35 onto the expressway, Loop 410 W was always a bit of a challenge.  Crazy and fast traffic.

So, I approached the expressway, looked over my shoulder and smiled.  A big goofy grin.   All the traffic had moved over leaving two lanes empty for me to pull out.  I smiled because God was telling me,

“Welcome home!  I remembered… you didn’t think I would forget, did you?”

Let me explain.  Soon after I had moved to Texas in 2001 I was learning about God’s favor and how the scripture says His favor lasts a lifetime. (Psalm 30:5b)  We were challenged to ask Him to give us favor in something particular and watch to see what He would do for a Child of the King.  So, I decided to ask.

Having spent most of my life in smaller towns, driving the expressways of San Antonio took some getting used to.  And merging onto a crowded four-lane highway was not one of my favorite things to do.  I chose this to be my request.

“Lord,” I prayed, “please make the cars move over when I am on a merge ramp and give me enough space.”   Simple prayer, yes?  Did I have absolute, immovable faith God would do that for me?  Not really.  But I did ask.

The next day I was again about to merge onto Loop 410.  As I came down the ramp all the cars suddenly moved over leaving two lanes open.  I stepped on the gas and moved out before anyone changed their mind.  But after I got out there and no one moved back over, leaving me alone with all that space, I suddenly remembered my request.  I pondered it, and thought, “Was that God?!”

Later that day in another area of town I again needed to merge, this time on another highway.  Now I was looking… As I came down the ramp, all the traffic moved over leaving two lanes open for me.  Oh. My. Word.  It IS Him!

For the next days, and weeks, I watched as the Lord did this for me over and over and over…  I gave testimony to people about the Favor of God and to expect Him to want to give us His Best.  People who rode with me watched, mouths open, as they saw the cars move over.  They saw it, and got it.

Does it work the same for me in other areas of the world?  Yes, to a lesser degree.  I have a space to pull out and merge no matter where I drive.  But the two lane blessing is reserved for San Antonio.  Sometimes here it is one lane, but I can always count on that opening.

You see, my Abba loves me.  I get it.

Thank you, Daddy.


When We Ask…

About 17 years ago I had changed jobs, moved to a new state and my career was taking off in the movie theatre business.  At the same time I was moving into a new season with hearing from the Lord God.

I had always been one to ask Him simple questions out loud as I always expected an answer.  But the answers were beginning to come in a new way.  I found myself writing more than I had in the past.

I was in San Antonio driving back from a training meeting with theatre managers.  I suddenly thought of the pillar of cloud and pillar of fire that led the Israelites as they left pillar of cloud-fire (Small)Egypt.  What prompted that thought?  It had to be the Lord.   My question?  Was it two pillars or one that changed?  So, I asked the Lord- out loud:

“So, God, was it one pillar or two separate ones?  Let me know.”

Then I continued driving.  When I entered my apartment I thought about my question as I settled into my living room.  Suddenly, I had an urgent, I mean URGENT, need to write!  I was running around grabbing paper and a pen.  Then I sat down and wrote as fast as I could.  This is what my hands wrote…


I Gaze in Wonder

All day long the pillar is thick, blue-gray smoke churning, roiling in power.

Reaching to the sky, I cannot see where it ends.

There is no seeing through, unable to know what lies on the other side.


I stand in awe and I gaze in wonder.


Who is our God, this God of Jacob?

Who is this Being,  our Savior from bondage?

He has the earth as His footstool,  all life within His Hand.

We follow His Glory day by day.

We see it manifest night after night.


When I see His Glory, I stand in awe and I gaze in wonder.


As the evening comes, by the edge of the camp

I await the glory of the Lord.

I stand and watch as the cloud moves, and twists in upon itself.

I watch and wait.


There!  It begins!  A spark… no, two, three!

Bits of fire begin to show themselves in the cloud.


It grows as does a forest fire,  burning everything in its path.

It brightens, expands, pushing aside the blue-gray cloud.

With flames leaping, reaching toward the heavens,

the cloud is devoured, showing no more.


I stand in awe, I gaze in wonder,

bathed in the Light of  The Almighty God.


The sun is gone,  darkness has taken over the land.

But here, in the camp of God’s people,  it is as daylight.

No cloud is left, completely consumed,  replaced by a brilliant tower of fire.

Flames leaping, dancing, Celebrating, in honor to the Most High God.


And as I stand in awe, I gaze in wonder.


May I ever be as that pillar of fire, all clouds in my life replaced, consumed.

Basking in the light of the God of all Power;

Full of promise and grace and mercy.


Standing at the edge of the camp, my camp, I delight in the Light in my life.

Seeing God’s power working for me, brightening my path, replacing the darkness;


While I stand in awe and I gaze in wonder.


(If anyone wishes to share this poem you have my permission but please include my name, Susan Heagy, as the writer; HaShem as the Author)

Grace Wins

I am tired.  I admit it.

We have had volunteers at Beit Shalom [see] since January through April 1st.  Some times every bed was full.  That is a lot of volunteers!

That is also a lot of planning, driving, talking, cleaning, preparing, executing (plans, not people) and… did I mention driving?  Don’t forget we are a global group so this means volunteers from various cultures.  

Even though it is sometimes exhausting, I am so grateful for the people whom God sends.  And He does send them!  No one is there by chance.

It is always amazing to me how people of different backgrounds, countries, ages and basic theologies can all come into one house and get along with one another!  I mean, seriously, how many people in the same church actually get along if they have to live together for a week or more?!  When you start mixing languages, habits and beliefs- wouldn’t you expect it to get crazy?

But it doesn’t.  Organized chaos sometimes, but crazy?  No.  Beit Shalom remains peaceful.  Our prayer time in the morning is anointed and precious.  Our teams work together and all come home blessed.  Exhausted, but blessed.

Why?  How can that happen… consistently happen… over and over again?

Grace.  Like the song by Matthew West “Grace Wins” [click here] …

Each person who comes to give honor and compassion to the Holocaust Survivors comes with their own personal baggage.  Not the kind that is put in the hold of the plane but the kind that is in the hold of our heart.  This applies to every one of us.  No one is exempt.

All those volunteers who are a prodigal son, have a tainted past, are a thief or simply believe they are the worst human being ever… somehow each one is given a measure of Grace to then give to one another.  These folks who just met are able to mesh into a family, a team, into brothers and sisters.

In Beit Shalom they find peace, the Presence of God and a personal cup of Grace poured just for them.

As the song says:

For the Prodigal son
Grace Wins
For the Woman at the well
Grace Wins
For the blind men and the begger
Grace Wins
For always and forever
Grace Wins
For the lost out on the street
Grace Wins
For the worst part of you and me
Grace Wins
For the thief on the cross
Grace Wins

And how do these Volunteers who are giving out from their depths, deep emotional measure to the Holocaust Survivors, react to this unexpected Grace?    Pure joy!

Words cant describe the way it feels
When mercy floods a thirsty soul
A Broken side begins to heal
And grace returns what guilt has stole

And as a result, that Grace which has been received is given out again in good measure, sifted and shaken together, running over unto those team-mates who needed it just as much.  But it is so good when it is shared!

Grace Wins- Everytime.

Come experience God’s Grace, Goodness and Glimpse His Glory.  Come join us at Beit Shalom.  Volunteer, make a difference, and find out what HaShem has waiting for you in His Home Country of Israel.

Come bask in His Grace, drink deeply and share it with others.

Grateful for His new Grace every day,


Warfare in the Electronic World

Okay, so my iPhone died.  It was actually kind of dramatic.  Screen went black, then the iPhone-5s-dead-battery (Small)little Apple symbol showed up.  Off, on, off, on… for about a minute then suddenly, a bright red screen followed by nothing.  I have always heard about the blue screen of death on a computer but I was not prepared for the blood red flash.  Gone.  Death is never pretty- even on the electronic level.

Then it hit me.  Um, do I have this thing backed up?  I remembered getting the reminder to do it but I think, I am pretty sure, I decided I would do it later… oh, no.  Pictures back to the beginning of time, contacts around the world, EVERYthing is on there.

I took a deep breath and headed to the phone store here in Israel.  Surely they can fix it.  One hour later I left the store without the reassurance I was sure I would be able to buy.

All is not lost yet; I will not give up!  I will take my iPhone to the experts at Apple when I get to the States.  For now I have my Israeli phone and my Surface computer.  Good to go! Preparing to travel a bit so I decide to take my little computer for my work, writing, email, etc.

Surface RT (Small)Fast forward a few days and I am catching up on my email.  Computer is smaller than a laptop but it works well and I am happy.  Then, in the middle of an email, the screen freezes.  So do I.  I sit still and watch it, expecting the little cursor will start blinking again.  Anytime now.  Um, okay.  Sometimes I write faster than this little computer reacts. I will. wait. a. moment.  Maybe if I put it down and walk away.  It just needs time to think. I won’t look at it.

It is 30 minutes later and I find I cannot even turn it off.  Frozen and dead.  I would say a techie virus except this is a different method of dying from the iPhone.  I set it aside and decide to let the battery run out.  Maybe then it will be okay?

Next morning I charge it and am confident I can reboot my little computer.  Surely that will work?  I will just push this button and… why won’t it turn on?  What is going on?  The screen is dark and I am beginning to think I have a very eclectic-looking door stop.  Oy vey!

Okay, calm now.  I must have communication!  Of course!  I have my Israeli phone! Email, text, Skype- oh, no Skype on here.  It is okay.  I have email.  Just push this little app and I can… hmm, maybe I need to refresh it.  Waiting, waiting… why does it say “webpage not available”?

No panic.  I will not panic and I will stay calm.  All is fine.  God is in control.  Ohhhh, but apparently I am not!!

Decisions.  It is all decisions.  Right now I am having a very small panic attack.  Not big.  Just a little one.  Ack!!  Okay, I can do this.  I have heard of electronic withdrawal but never planned on experiencing it!

Now stop.  I must look at this from a different point of view; like from above.

If I truly believe God is in control of everything, then He knew this was coming.  If it was absolutely necessary for me to have all my electronics working, maintain connection with the outside world, He would make it happen.   But instead I find myself with limited access to others, no social media and no way to continue working.  Can’t fix it so what can I do?  I may as well relax.

For one week I have had two members of my family and two special friends with me.  We traveled in Israel together and I took a regular camera with me to record the great times.  The battery did not last long and I did not have the cable with me.  But this time I could smile.  I put it away and simply enjoyed everyone’s company.  Listening to their laughing with friends (Small)banter, observing the teasing between them and laughing at their jokes.  Honestly, I don’t think I have laughed that much or that hard in many years.  I am sure I would not have noticed it if the various electric devices were available to me.

God knows what we need and when we need it.  If we are willing to let Him take the wheel He will make sure we get where we need to be.  But He also cares about us as people who need laughter, love, compassion, tears, friends and sometimes, quiet without interruptions from the modern world.

There are times you need to turn off your phones and shut down your computers.  Kiss afriends listening 2 (Small) spouse, hug a child, listen to a friend, pray for each one.  Let your heart hear what God is saying to you.  I guarantee He can contact you without Facebook.

Rebooting my spirit,


“Brothers, what we do in life… echoes in eternity.”                Maximus, ‘Gladiator’

maximus 2 (Small)Gladiator Russell Crowe, as the Roman general Maximus, addresses his troops before battle.  He tells them to imagine where they will be after the battle; and if they do they will live and it will be so.

“Hold the line!  Stay with me!  If you find yourself alone, riding in the green fields with the sun on your face, do not be troubled.  For you are in Elysium [Heaven], and you’re already dead!  Brothers, what we do in life… echoes in eternity.” 

This last line carries such weight and truth in it.  “What we do in life…”  Each of us should examine what we are doing on a daily basis:  our actions, our words, our goals and our purpose.  It is clear in the scriptures that we were created for PURPOSE.

“Lord, you have assigned me my portion and my cup…” Psalm 16:5

“All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.” Psalm 139:16

We need not be concerned as we are already prepared to fulfill our calling.  First, God prepared our DNA exactly for that purpose.  When we step into that for which we were made, it is a perfect fit.

“Nothing happens to anyone that he is not fitted by nature to bear.”-Maximus

Second, a promise is made to us in scripture: “He will instruct him in the way chosen for him.” Psalm 25:12  God does not leave us to wonder how to do the work given.  He is with us to accomplish His Will.

“…will echo in eternity.”

Wow.  Everything we do, the choices we make of how to use our time…  We are in the “selfie” generation whether it is pictures, fulfilling wants and desires of our own or ignoring the cries of need from others.  Friends, this should not be.

I appeal to everyone who reads this that you make deliberate choices of how you will leave your mark on eternity.  Ask yourselves,

“What have I done to make an impact that will last forever?  Who can point to me in eternity and say, ‘If it were not for you…’?” 

This is a basis of my life vision.  This is one impetus that drives me.  I want to make a difference especially for the Holocaust Survivors; to be affected not just for an hour, or a day, but for eternity.

The word ‘impetus’ is the energy or motivation to accomplish something; the force that causes the motion of an object to overcome resistance and maintain its velocity.

Will you be part of this force that is needed?  I invite you to overcome any resistance keeping you from your destiny…eternity (Small)

What is your calling?  What should you be doing to impact the future of others?  Imagine someone recognizing you in eternity for the things you did to change their lives forever.

I ask you:  “Will you become an echo in eternity?”

In the Gas Chambers

Imagine for a moment the circumstances of those who were placed in the gas chambers of concentration camps in World War II.   Naked, pressed in so tight that even in after death they were standing upright.  Clawing at the doors, grabing their throats as the Cyclon B crystals hit the air and filled their nasal passageways.  As they were suffocating, the killers on the outside could often hear the Jews reciting the Shema or passages from Psalms as they pleaded for salvation.

As their voices rose before being snuffed out, what do you think took place in that cold shower room?  We know for certain God hears our cries for mercy and help but what could possibly have happened in that space and time where no one could see?

I believe those in the death chambers saw the Mashiach.  I believe He met them where they were and gave them the ultimate salvation they were seeking.

As I speak with Survivors of this horrible time in history, they share their experiences and I write it down.  But sometimes they ask me about their family members who suffered this terrible death.  Why did they die?  For what reason would God allow this; “why did they suffer such a dark and degrading death?”

If I feel it is appropriate I give them my thoughts of the Mashiach entering that poisoned atmosphere and embracing those who were asking for the ultimate deliverance.  The usual response is one of escaping air, a deflating, as though they had been holding their breath for the last 70 years and now let it go…  Ah, finally, relief has come.

In their final years I want to see these sweet and kind people, these Survivors of the Shoah, embrace the honor and compassion due them.  I want those of us outside this unlikely and strange brotherhood to understand better who the Survivors are.  For this reason I have written “Why is Great-Grandma So Sad?”  It is why I continue to visit them, serve them and write about them.

We all need to understand their darkness in order to bring them light.  As a very good friend recently said,

“When we go to the Survivors, we go as light.  Lights don’t speak, they only shine.”

I want to be a light to them, and to the public; to expose the darkness of the Holocaust and share the beautiful people who suffered and came through the other side, stronger.


Vacation Expectations and Reality

bed-and-breakfast-sign-smallIn mid February I took a short vacation.  Something I had not done before.  Not a family time but instead just me at a bed & breakfast, by myself.  Me and my computer.  Let’s say my time away was interesting

You see there was a purpose to this.  I am working on my next book featuring Holocaust Survivors personal accounts.  So, I went to relax and write.

First five days were great.  Working through my outline, editing Survivor information, preparing some sections, researching online…

Then my computer quit.  Yup.  Dead as the proverbial doornail.laptop-broken-small

I am sure your first thought now was for me to go to the closest computer store, right?  Or start writing it longhand.  I have tried that and it makes me crazy.  I can’t keep up with my thought process.

But you see, I thought of this possibility.  I actually took along an iPad as a back up.  Smart, right?   Well, that would be true but it locked on me and would not open.  Tried calling a friend and she spoke to Apple; we tried to connect but there was another issue.

Phone reception was really minimal.  I bet I had more dropped calls in my time there than the last 10 years worldwide.  When I talked to people in my room I was plastered to the window.  When I went outside I stayed in one spot, yelling at the dropped line “But I didn’t move!”

You see, I was staying at a B&B far out from anything. I deliberately was at a place “out there” with no access to anything, where it would be QUIET.  Wonderful place, great people and the most incredible breakfasts…

But I was there without any personal transportation.  I quickly found out there was no OTHER transportation to be found anywhere either.  No stores, no WalMart, Best Buy; except an old country store named Bo-Lynn’s run by Miss Joy.  At 92 years that woman has amazing energy!  I visited her every day and enjoyed speaking with her.

So, I went for a walk and asked God (okay, I admit I started to complain to God) and you know what his answer was?  Clear as anything I heard…

“Be still and know that I am God.”

Really?  Are you kidding me?   Such a simple thing to hear; almost too simple.  Okay.  Got it.

So, I turned around and went back to my room.  I lay on my bed and prayed.  Then I slept, woke up and prayed, slept some more.   By now it was noon.

“Hey God!  I was still all morning.  Now what?”

I went for another walk and prayed.  I returned to the B&B and prayed and slept some more.  I used paper and pencil to take notes on what I felt God was saying to me.

Next day: Repeat.  And the day after and the one after that.  There were a few moments where I met some incredible people who, funny enough, were interested in going to Israel.  They also went on Amazon to buy my book.

Even in our “stillness” our Heavenly Father  gives gifts.

Did you know the longer you are still the more you can hear from God?  It was the stillness and rest that I needed.  I did not need a working vacation so much as I needed to be quiet and allow HaShem to give me rest.

By the time I left I had some answers to other questions; questions for which I would need to find answers, and more book ideas and clarity on others.  My time was a blessing.

Soon enough I was back in Akko.  Back to the busyness, sadness and blessing of our work with the Holocaust Survivors.  Mix in volunteers coming and going, the daily life of cars needing repairs, office work, shopping, eating & sleeping…

I even came back to dental surgery last week and today.  Living in Israel my  dentist speaks some English.  You know,  words like “open” and “close” and when something goes wrong I discovered he knows how to say “Jesus!” and look to heaven.  Very encouraging!

In the midst of my sometimes hectic life, returning to the many tasks demanding attention, I am giving myself the gift of time.  I have discovered I CAN “be still” and I can be reminded that in the stillness, in the quiet, I can “know that HE IS GOD!”

Praying each of you discover your quiet spot,prayer-in-a-quiet-spot-small