The Peak

yattir-logoWe all know both authors and readers want the best. Authors want to write with creativity, truth and interest, a tome that offers spellbinding pages- and Readers want to find those books that reflect the same thing. The Author and the Reader stand so close to each other it can be difficult to see them as separate. We are all connected by the written word.
“Seeking excellence, Serving With Preeminence” is not only our by-line for publishing, but we want it to reflect in our information blog, “The Peak.”

On The Peak we offer information on our work, posting book reviews, author interviews, book consultant tips, guest bloggers and upcoming events. And just to keep things interesting, we will add in news items from around the world. We hope, and encourage, the Reader to dialog with us.
We are connected with various organizations and will give news about them in various posts. Abundant Hope International is one based in Israel. Therefore we will give news from Israel.
Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East is another organization of which we will give news updates occasionally. Though based in UK, most of their work is in various countries in the Middle East.
Facts and figures on the Holocaust Survivors today, and from the past, will find its way into the posts and we will feature the Survivors themselves.
And, of course, we will do book giveaways!
You see, though we will focus mostly on books, reviews and writing information, our blog will be diverse. Stop by often, see what is on the current post and please, give us some replies and feedback. We would love to dialog with you!
Stay posted!

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