Meet Canon Andrew White

Had the great opportunity to meet Canon Andrew White at the Emmanuel Book Store in Jerusalem, located next to Christ Church at the Jaffa Gate. He was signing his latest book. It was amazing speaking with him- very personable and upbeat. His life is absolutely amazing, he is a prolific author and active in the work of God.

Having received signed copies of two of his books it is with pleasure that we feature him and one of his recently released books, “My Journey So Far” highlighting his life and how God has used him.
Andrew White - My Journey So Far

  • Product Details
  • Hardcover:224 pages
  • Publisher:Lion Books;
  • New 1st edition (16 Oct. 2015)
  • Language:English
  • ISBN-10:0745970222
  • ISBN-13:978-0745970226
  • Available on Amazon



Canon Andrew White is something of a legend: a man of great charm and energy, whose personal suffering has not deflected him from his internationally recognized relief and reconciliation work in Iraq and the Middle East.

Since ordination, Andrew White has had an extensive role in the work of reconciliation, bringing together Muslims and Christians, Israelis and Palestinians, Shia and Sunni – all of which have carried huge risks. In 2002, he partook in the Alexandria Process – an active dialogue between Christian, Jewish and Muslim leaders to build understanding and work towards peace in Israel / Palestine. In 2004, following an escalation of violence in Iraq, he hosted the Baghdad Religious Accord which led to the establishment of the Iraq Centre for Dialogue, Reconciliation and Peace (ICDRP). In 2011, he chaired a summit of Iraq’s religious leaders in Copenhagen which produced the first ever joint Sunni / Shia fatwa against violence in Iraq.

Andrew White has also been involved in many hostage negotiations, and played a key role in ending the siege at the Church of Nativity in Jerusalem. He has himself been kidnapped and to this day lives in constant danger. Until recently, he pastored one of the largest churches in Iraq – St George’s Church in Baghdad – a position which afforded him the moniker ‘The Vicar of Baghdad’. Sadly, recent events in Iraq have made it very difficult for him to travel there.

Canon White has worked full time as President of the Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East , which he set up to provide spiritual and material relief to refugees displaced by violent upheaval. In his role as President of FRRME, Canon White also works with key religious leaders towards bringing peace and reconciliation to the Middle East.


Canon Andrew White is one of those people you meet and know they are a “real” person, nothing fake or put on at all. He is sure of what God has for him to do and boldly goes forward to do it. It is good to meet someone like this!

God arranges our meetings- we just wait for His scheduling.



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